Treat yourself to care and attention that your body needs to gracefully handle the difficulties and challenges of life. Come to Skin Deep Salon and Spa for one of our facials to relieve the stress and frustration of your everyday life.

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We understand that you have a thousand responsibilities and that you are pulled in a hundred different directions. With this in mind, our facials are specially designed, using cutting-edge techniques combined with the wisdom of the ages to bring you the rest and relaxation that we all need a little more of in this busy world.

We offer precisely what you need to cleanse your skin and invigorate the tightness of your face. Our services draw from European methods of advanced skin care to breathe new life into your face and alleviate the stresses of life. We blend our current understanding with time-tested treatments that have blessed the lives of women and men throughout history.

Give yourself the gift of care and get one of our facials today.

Learn About Our Experience

In 1986, Susan Barbaglia, our owner, opened her first salon and has worked tirelessly to improve her understanding of skin, hair, nail, and body care ever since. We implement her insights from decades of experience to give you the best facial we can.

We draw on Susan’s wealth of knowledge and expertise as a licensed cosmetologist and esthetician to give you a facial that fully integrates with our beauty and skin care practices.

Our professionals have your care as our utmost concern – we strive to leave you refreshed, pampered, renewed, and revitalized. We design our facials with these goals in mind so that you can truly receive the self-care that you deserve.

When you’re ready for the stress relief you need, contact Skin Deep Salon and Spa at 908.508.1800 or through our online form to schedule your facial today.


Special Occasion Makeup

Our skilled makeup artists will give you a fresh, new look for any occasion.

Add-on: Cinderella-Effect Fluid Treatment: 24-hour face lift great under makeup. [$ 10 per fluid]

$58 for 30 minutes

Little Flower Makeup

Makeup application for your beautiful flower girl.

$25 for 12 Years old & under

Makeup Lesson

A step-by-step educational class on how to properly care for your skin, apply your own makeup using color choices that compliment your skin tone.

$40 for Teens

$60 for Adults

Bridal Makeup

Look your best for your special day, whether you
want a natural or dramatic look, our makeup staff
can make you look your best for your special day.

$60 for Trial

$78 for Day of Wedding at Spa

Price to be Determined
for Day of Wedding at Location

Add-on: Cinderella Effect Fluid Treatment

This fluid temporarily firms skin for a period of 24 hours. This treatment is great for weddings, mother of the bride, or just for “that special day” and can be added on to any makeup application. Cleansing included

$10 per Fluid


The Hybrid Color of the future. INOA has no ammonia and no odor. It optimizes scalp comfort and does not mistreat the hair. Sublime shine that covers up to 100% white. This oil-based delivery system maximizes the effectiveness of permanent hair color process—a color and a glaze all-in-one.

$25 for Strip Lashes with Application

$10 if you bring your own lashes for application





Zero injections. 100% lift.

This amazing cosmeceutical treatment is designed to give you the results of a facelift without surgery. You will notice immediate improvement in the firmness, plumpness and tone of the skin.

$150 for 75 minutes


An effective alternative to antiwrinkle injections, this facial uses peptides that plump up the skin from within. It visibly improves density and hydration leaving your skin looking youthful, fuller and firmer.

$142 for 70 minutes

woman with fair skin



Customized facials that address the specific skincare concerns of hydration, redness and antiaging.


Intense hydration for the skin

$125 for 75 minutes


Reduces redness, sensitivity and irritation

$125 for 75 minutes


Intense rejuvenation of the skin for more even complexion, promoting firmness and elasticity

$145 for 75 minutes


Concentrated power of active serums, along with the rich moisturizing properties of plant oils. This treatment leaves your skin glowing and firmer with a visible improvement in fine lines and wrinkles.

$125 for 45 minutes


LED light therapy delivers therapeutic, UV-free light rays, that in turn energize the cells and stimulate the body’s natural process to build new proteins. Cells are regenerated, reducing fine lines and wrinkles, minimizing pore size, restoring your skin’s healthy appearance and smoothing the texture of the skin. It also increases blood circulation, reduces inflammation, accelerates healing, destroys acne-causing bacteria, and heals and calms existing breakouts.

ADD LightStim to any facial treatment

$25 for 15 minutes

woman with fair skin
woman with fair skin


This treatment is designed for people suffering with acne. After exfoliating and extracting, the light helps get rid of acne causing bacteria, reduces inflammation and calms the skin

$125 for 75 minutes


This facial will leave your skin perfectly hydrated and gives you a beautiful glow. It uses the amazing Babor beauty ampoules and the LightStim Combo light to help product penetrate in and leave your skin radiant.

$150 for 90 minutes


This treatment is everything you need for perfect radiant skin right before any big event. Glowing, hydrated, and plumped up skin. It’s everything you could want in one facial.

$175 for 105 minutes


This is a quick, 30 minute amazing, anti-aging treatment for the skin. The Lift Express ampoule gives your skin an immediate lift and the LightStim helps treat fine lines, circulation and makes your skin glow.

$75 for 30 minutes


High Skin Refiner Facials

High Skin Refiner Facials

Anti-aging at the highest level—an “instant face lift.” HSR lifting cream instantly enhances the elasticity of the skin, prevents the formation of fine lines and wrinkles, leaving the skin looking noticeably smoother. The highly effective active ingredients in this facial create a visible lifting effect.

High Skin Refiner Power- Lifting Facial

$154 for 80 minutes

High Skin Refiner Lifting Facial

$117 for 70 minutes




The newest technology in micro-dermabrasion, this hydrating facial is the only facial using serums instead of abrasive granules. This facial offers immediate results with no downtime. Appropriate for all skin types, targets sun damage, fine lines and wrinkles, acne, dehydration and oily/congested skin. Includes complimentary lymphatic drainage, as well as Blue or Red LED light therapy, as part of the service. Simple skincare, immediate results!

$158 for 45 minutes

HydraFacial™ MD Deluxe

Add on to any HydraFacial: (Face/Neck/Décolleté)


Brightening HydraFacial MD™ with Britenol®

This HydraFacial treatment, brightens complexion while softening the appearance of brown spots and discoloration for an instant gratifying glow.

$188 for 60 minutes

HydraFacial MD™ with DermaBuilder®

This treatment gives you the effect of injections. It minimizes the signs of aging, recharges the skin with a patented combination of peptides.

$188 for 60 minutes

HydraFacial MD™ with CTGF®

This is the latest, most promising antiaging treatment, using human stem cell and peptides, as per Glamour Magazine! Diminishes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, restores the skin’s health and vitality.

$208 for 60 minutes

Dr. Babor HydraFacial™ MD

Using the latest technology in skincare and innovative, high-performance formulas with effective ingredients, this treatment is a great alternative to wrinkle injections!

$214 for 75 minutes

Hydrafacial MD


Woman Relaxing

Skin Purifying Back Facial

Enjoy this “facial for the back,” with deep cleansing and skin exfoliation, followed by any needed extractions. A soothing and antibacterial mask is used to calm and purify the skin, followed by a 15 minute back massage

$84 for 60 minutes

Luxury Body Scrub Experience Tailored Seasonally

This body scrub experience, we incorporate products to enhance the touch and feel designed for the specific season. All seasons leave the skin soft, smooth and very hydrated. A shower followed by a 20-minute massage is included with this experience.

$104 for 1 hour, 15 minutes

Firming Salt Body Peel

Using ancient salts that are very high in minerals, magnesium and potassium, this treatment smoothes and hydrates the skin. Infused with aroma therapy and vitamin E, your skin will feel nourished and receive the anti-aging benefits of this wonderful body treatment.

$85 for 60 minutes

Enhancement to any massage $50


Dr. Babor Clinical Peel

Using an AHA blend, the skin renewal process is accelerated, reducing fine lines, wrinkles and sun spots. The result is a smoother, more eventoned complexion.

$100 for 30 minutes

Series of 6 $500

AHA Hydroxy Acne Peel

Fights acne and reduces scaring. Increases cell turnover and brightens skin tone. We recommend a series of peels to achieve the optimal effect.

$90 for 60 minutes

Series of 6 $450

Add-on to any facial


Facial Enhancements

Add these enhancements on to any facial service.

Woman Relaxing

High Skin Refiner
Neck & Chin Lifting Mask

This mask gives the skin an instant micro-lifting effect, and reduces wrinkles from the inside by preventing the glycation of collagen fibers.


Hydro Rx 3D Lifting Face Mask

A synergistic blend of hyaluronic acid and peptides. Cooling, refreshing, hydrating experience.


Hydro Rx Eye Treatment

Wake up your eyes! After a relaxing and specific eye massage, your skin will be treated to cooling and calming eye mask that will brighten your eyes.


Collagen Biomatrix Mask

This special moisturizing fleece mask made of natural collagen fibers has an instant calming effect and visibly reduces fine lines and wrinkles.


Firming Algae Mask

This cooling soothing treatment strengthens the skin, giving a firmer and suppler skin tone, while reducing puffiness and minimizing fine lines and wrinkles.


Ampoule Fluid Treatment a.k.a. The Miracle Worker

Give your skin a glass of water with each fluid applied. Nature in the highest concentration, this treatment firms, smoothes and hydrates your skin, leaving it soft and supple, with immediate results.


woman with fair skin


We use the finest Botanical Method hair removal system available—our organic, soy-based wax is perfect for sensitive skin. Waxing should be performed every 4 to 6 weeks to work with the hair cycle. You need at least 2 weeks worth of hair growth to have waxing done,in order to get the best result. *Prices may vary if extra time is required for service*


Waxing & THreading

Eyebrow Waxing$24
Eyebrow Tweeze$24
Tweeze Touch-Up$12
Lip or Chin Wax$15
Sideburn Wax$15
Neck Wax$20
Half Arm Wax$25 – 30
Full Arm Wax$35 – 40
Full Leg and Bikini Wax$90
Back Wax$55 – 85
Stomach Wax$12
Under Arm Wax$20

Chest Wax $45 – 55
Brazilian Bikini Wax$60 – 85
Bikini Wax$25 – 40
Upper or Lower Leg Wax$39
Full Leg Wax$70
Feet Wax$7
Full Face Wax$50 – 65
Threading Eyebrow$15
Threading Lip or Chin$12
Threading Full Face$50
Threading Jaw$15
Threading Forehead$10
Threading Hand$20
Woman Relaxing


Body Sugaring is a natural, safe and superior hair removal treatment that will condition your skin and eliminate hair from head to toe.

Main Benefits:

All-natural? • Significantly less painful than waxing? • Longer lasting? • Able to remove hair as short as 2mm? • Eliminates in-grown hairs ?• Safe on even the most sensitive and delicate skin?

What is the difference between sugaring and waxing?

Most waxes are synthetic, whereas sugar paste is all natural. With the sugar paste, it only removes the dead skin cells. No live skin cells are harmed, meaning there is significantly less pain and irritation. It also means people who have more delicate sensitive skin might not be able to wax, but can sugar. 

The sugar paste is applied differently from the wax – it Is applied against the hair growth to push the paste into the follicles, the body heat then reacts with the paste melting it further into the follicles, the paste then wraps around the root systems and then the hair is removed IN the direction of growth.


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